Dental Fillings


Dental fillings are a common restorative dental treatment used to repair teeth affected by cavities or damage. They involve the removal of decayed or damaged tooth material and the filling of the resulting space with a suitable dental material. Fillings restore the function, integrity and aesthetics of the affected tooth, allowing you to bite, chew and smile with confidence.


When you come in for a dental filling, you may encounter the following:

  • Examination and Assessment: Our dentist will examine your teeth and identify areas of decay or damage that require filling.
  • Local Anesthesia: Before the filling procedure, a local anesthetic will be administered to ensure a pain-free experience.
  • Removal of Decay: The decayed portion of the tooth is carefully removed, leaving behind a clean and healthy tooth structure.
  • Filling Placement: The prepared cavity is filled with a suitable dental material such as composite resin or amalgam, which is shaped and polished to restore the tooth’s natural form and function.
  • Bite Adjustment: Your bite will be evaluated and adjusted if necessary to ensure proper alignment and comfort.


  • Restored Function: Dental fillings rebuild the damaged tooth structure, allowing you to chew and bite comfortably without pain or sensitivity.
  • Natural Appearance: With tooth-colored composite fillings, your dental restoration will blend seamlessly with your natural teeth, providing a natural and aesthetically pleasing result.
  • Strengthened Teeth: Dental fillings reinforce weakened teeth, preventing further decay and potential fractures.
  • Durability: High-quality dental fillings are designed to withstand daily wear and tear, providing long-lasting and reliable results.
  • Preserved Tooth Structure: By treating cavities in their early stages, dental fillings help preserve more of your natural tooth structure, reducing the need for extensive treatments in the future.

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Dental Fillings FAQs - Restore Your Teeth's Health

If you’re considering Dental Fillings at NewStar Dental in Fort Lauderdale, FL, you’re exploring a solution to restore your teeth’s health and functionality. Dental Fillings are a common dental procedure to treat cavities and minor tooth damage. To provide you with comprehensive information, we’ve compiled a list of frequently asked questions about Dental Fillings. Explore these FAQs to learn about the types of fillings, the procedure, and how they can improve your dental wellness.

What are the different types of Dental Fillings available?

There are several types of Dental Fillings, including amalgam (silver) fillings, composite (tooth-colored) fillings, gold fillings, and porcelain fillings. The choice of material depends on factors like the location of the filling and your cosmetic preferences.

How is the Dental Filling procedure performed?

During a Dental Filling procedure, the dentist will first remove the decayed or damaged portion of the tooth. Then, the chosen filling material is applied and shaped to match the tooth’s natural contours. The filling is hardened using a special light.

Are Dental Fillings a long-lasting solution?

Dental Fillings are a durable solution and can last for many years with proper care and maintenance. Regular dental check-ups are essential to monitor the condition of the fillings.

Do Dental Fillings require special care after the procedure?

Dental Fillings do not require special care beyond regular oral hygiene practices. Brushing, flossing, and routine dental check-ups are essential to maintain the health of the filled tooth and surrounding teeth.

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