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In the world of dentistry, digital scanning is a revolutionary technology that enables us to capture precise and detailed 3D images of your teeth and gums without the need for traditional impressions. Using advanced digital scanners, we can create virtual models of your mouth, allowing for more accurate treatment planning and customized dental solutions.


With digital scanning, we gently glide a small handheld device over your teeth and gums, capturing high-resolution images in real-time. These images are instantly converted into digital models, which serve as a foundation for designing and creating your personalized dental restorations.


  • Unparalleled Precision: Digital scanning ensures highly accurate and precise dental restorations, resulting in a perfect fit and optimal functionality.
  • Enhanced Comfort: Say goodbye to the discomfort and gag reflex associated with traditional dental impressions. Digital scanning provides a more comfortable experience for our patients.
  • Efficient Treatment Planning: By eliminating the need for physical models, digital scanning enables our skilled dental team to streamline the treatment planning process and communicate more effectively with patients.
  • Customized Solutions: With the ability to create detailed 3D models, digital scanning allows us to design and fabricate highly customized dental restorations that blend seamlessly with your natural teeth.
  • Improved Patient Experience: Digital scanning eliminates the need for multiple appointments and reduces chair time, allowing for a more efficient and convenient dental experience.

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Exploring Digital Scanning in Dentistry

Digital Scanning has revolutionized dental procedures, offering precision and convenience. Here are answers to common questions about Digital Scanning at NewStar Dental.

Is Digital Scanning safe for patients?

Yes, Digital Scanning is safe for patients. It is non-invasive and does not involve radiation. Patients typically find it more comfortable than traditional impression-taking.

Which dental procedures commonly use Digital Scanning?

Digital Scanning is used in a wide range of procedures, including crowns, bridges, dental implants, Invisalign® treatment, and the creation of custom dental appliances.

How does Digital Scanning compare to traditional impressions?

Digital Scanning eliminates the need for messy impression materials and trays used in traditional methods. It provides faster, more accurate results, and patients can view their digital impressions on a screen.

Is Digital Scanning suitable for all patients?

Digital Scanning is suitable for most patients. However, it may not be recommended for individuals with certain medical conditions or extensive dental work. Your dentist will assess your suitability.

Does Digital Scanning reduce the time required for dental procedures?

Yes, Digital Scanning often reduces procedure time. It streamlines the process, providing precise measurements quickly and eliminating the wait time for traditional molds to set.

Can patients see their digital impressions during the scanning process?

Yes, patients can often see their digital impressions in real-time on a screen during the scanning process. This visual feedback helps patients understand their treatment plans.

How are Digital Scans stored and shared with other healthcare providers?

Digital Scans are stored electronically and can be easily shared with other healthcare providers or specialists when necessary. This digital format simplifies communication and record-keeping.

Is Digital Scanning more comfortable than traditional impressions?

Yes, Digital Scanning is generally more comfortable for patients than traditional impressions. It eliminates the discomfort of bulky impression trays and materials.

Can Digital Scanning detect dental issues beyond impression-taking?

While Digital Scanning is primarily used for impression-taking, the high-quality 3D images it produces can also aid in the diagnosis of dental issues when needed.

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