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Jerry’s Case

Experience Jerry’s remarkable smile transformation journey! While Jerry couldn’t undergo both upper and lower jaw improvements simultaneously, enhancing the appearance of his upper front teeth while ensuring the continued health of the rest of his teeth had a profound impact on his smile and boosted his confidence significantly.

kate’s Case

Initially lacking confidence in her teeth and hesitant to smile, we embarked on a journey to revitalize her oral health and enhance the appearance of her front teeth. The results were astonishing, dramatically changing how Kate perceives her own smile. Explore the incredible story of Kate’s smile makeover and the profound impact it had on her self-assurance!

julia’s Case

Meet Julia and her glamorous smile transformation. With the meticulous application of dental veneers and crowns, we’ve created a stunning full-mouth makeover, achieving the coveted Hollywood smile she always dreamed of. Julia’s dream of a Hollywood-worthy smile has become a radiant reality

Ginette’s Case

Discover the radiant smile that now graces Ginnette’s face. She had endured pain, misaligned teeth, and deteriorating old dental restorations for far too long. Witness the profound transformation as we successfully address and rectify all her oral concerns. Ginnette’s newfound joy and confidence speak volumes about the results.

alex’s Case

Alex’s dental implant story took an unexpected turn in a different country, where the initial placement didn’t go as intended. Through innovative problem-solving and a mastery of dental skills, we successfully salvaged the existing implant, paving the way for a completely revitalized smile for Alex.

Judge Free zone

Newstar Dental is a judgment-free zone, where patients can feel completely confident when seeking top-quality, respectful treatment.

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