About Our Dentist in Fort Lauderdale, FL

NewStar Dental is a state-of-the-art facility serving the people of greater Fort Lauderdale, Florida. We designed our space with the idea of making dental visits as comfortable as possible. It starts with a comfortable reception area where you will be greeted by a professional staff member that will answer all of your possible insurance and payment questions. In the clinical area, we designed our rooms in a very clean and organized way to minimize patients’ anxiety. For the same reason, we offer noise-canceling headphones, weighted blankets and high-speed Wi-Fi to create a more relaxing experience.

We also employ gentle injections and utilize Tell-Show-Do techniques, ensuring you feel at ease throughout your treatment. For individuals with severe anxiety, we provide additional options such as nitrous oxide gas and conscious oral sedation. Rest assured; your comfort is our top priority. We invite you to visit the links below to get to know us better before your visit with Dr. Denys Severchenko:

Have questions or would like to schedule an appointment with our dentist? Call us today at 954-824-1824! We look forward to seeing you at NewStar Dental and experiencing the modern dentistry we have to offer.

Our office welcomes you in the languages of English, Spanish, Russian and Ukrainian!

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